A Process, in the world of industry, is a regular sequence of operations for making a product, starting from the suitable raw materials. In the Chemical Industry, where the core business of GST is concentrated, these operations may include: chemical reactions, distillation, absorption, filtration, solvent extraction, heat exchange, etc.

Process Design can be defined as the discipline whereby a know-how is translated into a set of documents suitable to allow the speedy and smooth implementation of execution planning activities.

But Process Design is also a general term used to identify the initial Plant Design Phase, which primarily comprises the development of process flow sheets, and the relevant energy and material balances and equipment process specifications, to the first issue of the Pipe&Instrument Flow Diagrams.

For Licensed Units, a Basic Design Package is usually developed by the Process Licensor: however, it is also worth to underline that while the content of a basic design may vary significantly from a Process Licensor to another, a Process Package is always to be intended as a complete set of documents, ready to be utilized as a basis for the development of the Detailed Design.