Special Technologies” groups the GST activities relating to Renewable Energy, Environmental Protection and Aerospace. The word “special” is a reference to state-of-the-art technologies that require, for each Sector, high-intensity skills and capabilities and ongoing training. Renewable Energies and Environmental Protection are grouped separately under the heading “Green Tech”.

Green Technology

The term “Green Technology” (Green Tech) may be applied to all the disciplines aimed at monitoring and mitigating the impact of human beings on the environment. Renewable Energies and Environmental Protection have a privileged position, with a view to achieving “Sustainable Development”. More »


Aerospace technology generally covers the manufacturing and operation of both any type of aircraft, missiles or propulsion unit and the relevant components, such as fuels and propellants. In particular, cryogenic fuels and propellers (liquid methane and liquid oxygen) are increasingly used for the new carrier rockets, with the aim to... More »