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GST is on-line!

Today, 14th March 2011, GST is launching its website.

Completing this project has been demanding, yet interesting, and has involved the managers of the different functions in an effort to communicate a realistic and shared idea of the company.

In order to effectively communicate things to people we must, first of all, make an effort to be clear to ourselves. Therefore, this is a significant opportunity to weigh up the progress made, to date, and to assess the consistency between the strategies planned and the actions undertaken, as well as the relationships between the commercial and production aspects and the position the company has carved up for itself on the changing market.

This is especially true for a recently established undertaking, such as ours, in a phase of dynamic development. A company comprising both skilled professionals with a design and management background, in respect  the construction of industrial plants of different types and in different regions worldwide, and new graduates motivated by the desire to prove their potential on the job and to build up and give shape to their professional profile.

We have broken down the introduction to our company along conventional lines: who we are, what we do, how we do it and who we do it for, based on a traditional business model, consisting of the company’s internal and external resources and its organizational model, on the one hand, and the market, split up into sectors and customers, on the other hand, with our range of services and solutions at the centre.

We have noticed that, in the description of both our offering and our company, a number crops up regularly: the number three; so, we have adopted it as symbolically summarising our activities.

Hence, the three Rings in our new logo, which we have redesigned in connection with the launching of this website. The reason we have chosen three rings is to represent a number of things: the Chemical Bonds, which are the essence of the transformations that take place in the Processing Industry at the core of our operations; the Design Stages leading to the development of the finished product; the Partnerships, which are a fundamental strategy for a company looking to achieve quality through specific experiences; and, last but not least, the Value Chain, which represents the material and concept-based contributions that add on and build up the required product and its final value. But, above all, they represent the collaboration and commitment bond that is forged between ourselves and our customers, in view of the achievement of a common result.

There are three Drops: Oil&Gas (yellow), Life Sciences (blue) and Special Technologies (green), representing the conventional and innovatory market sectors we are currently engaged in and focusing on, and which have also inspired, in part, the graphics of our website.

Last but not least, there are three Offering Coordinates: Sectors, Disciplines and Services, which define and identify the single “Deliverables” constituting the basic output of our activities.

To better exemplify our field of action we have developed a graphical model called the “Service Pyramid”, which provides a summary of the fields in which we operate, by quality and quantity.

You can view the overall result by browsing through our website pages, which we have created with the aim to ensure consistency, by combining a detailed overview of the range of services and solutions we offer with in-depth descriptions of the various milestones and phases of the project.

And now, welcome to our website and our company! We wish you all a pleasant browse.