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settoriGST operates in a broad spectrum of Chemical Industry sectors – the Oil&Gas, Pharmaceuticals and Food sectors in particular – thanks to its all-round Process Design skills. GST also guarantees extensive expertise in other fields that require specific know how, such as Renewable Energy and the Aerospace sector. We have grouped the dedicated production areas into three macro-sectors identified by means of “Three Drops” of different colours: Oil&Gas (yellow), Life Sciences Industry (blue) and Special Technologies (green). GST can provide a wide array of services in each of these Sectors: from Technical Consulting to Design, Procurement support and supervision during Construction and Start-up.


disciplineProcess Design is GST’s core business. The purpose of this Discipline is to translate our Chemical Process know-how into a set of guideline documents, enabling the quick and smooth kick starting of the Detailed Design activities. Moreover, GST can also provide highly qualified specialist resources for the range of Engineering Disciplines: Civil Works, Pressure Vessels, Piping, Machinery, Heaters and Boilers, Electrical, Instrumentation, Automation and Telecommunications. These resources, which, in the case of Process Design alone are used to support and complete this activity, in all other cases allow the effective and complete finalization of the various plant implementation phases.


serviziGST offers a broad range of Services covering every phase in the implementation of an industrial Plant, whether it’s the Construction of a New Plant (Grass Root), or the Upgrading of an Existing Plant (Revamping).
GST operates in accordance with the most common Contract arrangements (e.g.: Reimbursable, Lump Sum of Services, etc.), on the basis of Customer needs and Project characteristics. Moreover, in both the Life Science (except for Pharmaceutical plants, which are traditionally developed on a reimbursable basis) and Special Technologies sectors, and small-scale Oil&Gas Plants, GST operates on a Target Price, LSTK or Converted LSTK basis.

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