The Oil&Gas sector covers all the activities relating to liquid and gas hydrocarbons, from prospection to extraction, and the subsequent refining, also including the distribution of the finished products. We deliver all-round Process Packages, including the related utilities, for each type of unlicensed Unit ( open art ), while in the case of licensed Units, we can fully develop the process design, based on the licensee's basic data, in respect of the specific technology, and therefore also in the case of availability of a Basic Design limited to essential data.

What can we do

Our know how, which we keep constantly up to date with the best available techniques, delivers design solution to our Clients, tailored to their specific problems, as proposed and/or identified, ranging from improvements to existing Oil&Gas plants, in respect of energy index, degree of conversion, optimisation of environmental and safety performance and product quality.

Our fields of operation embrace all Oil&Gas activities, from the well head to the initial processing and then on to transformation and conversion, storage, transportation and distribution of the gas and the finished hydrocarbon products, including energy production plants.

In this sector, which is characterised by large-sized industrial complexes, comprising numerous fully-integrated production units, GST can provide a broad array of services relating to all the aspects of Process Design, also thanks to the use of state-of-the-art software, such as Pro/II, Hysys, ProMax, Flare Net, HTRI, etc.


GST has a longstanding relationship with Licensees, such as Eni, TechnipFmc, UOP, Bechtel, Worley Parsons, Axsens, Criterion, KT  (hydrogen production plants from Steam Reforming and sulphur), the latter being a Maire - Tecnimont Group subsidiary. 

At GST Engineering we are able to complement our core process engineering activities with complementary detailed engineering and general management services, inclusive of cost estimating, planning, constructability analysis and transport of exceptional loads and lifting operations. 


Therefore, we can offer services of excellence in the Oil&Gas sector, with regard to Conceptual design activities, including a business plan, Feasibility, Basic design Package, with an assessment of the setting up costs with +/- 30% validity, Front Engineering Package with an assessment of the setting up costs with a +/- 10%  validity.

At GST, we have also built up a special expertise in revamping existing refining plants, to increase their operating capacity, improve energy consumption, also of the utilities, environmental quality and products and operating safety.