Special Technologies

The expression “ Green Technologies ” ( Green Tech ) applies to all the fields with the specific purpose of controlling and mitigating the impact of human beings on the environment. Renewable Energy Sources and Environmental Protection play a privileged role in achieving “ Sustainable Development ”.

What can we do

The term "Special Technologies" includes all the activities and operations carried out by GST in the field of Renewable Energy Sources, Environmental Protection and Aerospace, where the adjective special translates into cutting-edge technologies, which, therefore, requires a specific set of skills and know how, capabilities and updating for each sector. Furthermore, Renewable Energy Sources and Environmental Protection have been grouped together as “Green Technologies”.

Renewable Energy Sources

Regarding Renewable Energy Sources, which are set to develop significantly in the short term, GST can deploy its experience and know how in the production of bio-ethanol, the use of biomass energy and the production of “solar gradepolycrystalline silicon.

Thanks to this experience, at GST we can support our Clients in both the process (e.g. single and multi-product plants, hydrogenation, fermentation, downstream treatments) and the Executive Design, as well as in the supervision of the Construction and Commissioning activities.

Enviromental Protection

Thanks to our Process expertise, at GST we operate in the fields of Control and Treatment of gas, liquid and solid Effluents, in accordance with Legislative Decree 152/2006, the European IPCC Director or the international EPA, OSHA, etc. standards, starting with an analysis of the existing situation up to the study of the impact on the new investment and the definition of the expedient mitigation proposals.

GST can also develop the related executive design, with the assistance, if necessary, of experts from the world of academia, and design and build effluent treatment plants according to the contractual arrangement preferred by the Client.


Generally speaking, Aerospace technology covers both the production and operation of any kind of aircraft, missile or propulsion system, and the related components, including fuel and propellants.
In particular, the new launchers tend to increasingly use cryogenic fuel and propellants (liquid methane and oxygen), both to reduce costs and minimise the environmental impact.

GST participates, on behalf of its aerospace Clients, in projects relating to the testing and use of cryogenic products, both on board the launchers and in the adaptation of the loading equipment on the ground.