GST promotes the speedy growth of its staff, through the transfer of consolidated knowledge and access to the experience of its expert resources. At GST, in fact, we reward not only those who know how to do their job, but especially those who know how to teach, and we encourage ways for gathering knowledge, as well as creating new knowledge.
In-house training is the key method we use to give or enhance the knowledge, skills and competences of our resources, in their specific areas of expertise.
GST views its human resources as its best assets and regularly schedules theory courses in Process Design and Project Management, as well as hands-on training in the use of Process Simulation Software for the Process Units, etc. Moreover, with regard to the Life Sciences and Special Technologies projects, in particular, at the inception of every new project we hold an ad hoc meeting, attended by all the staff members involved, where a senior expert illustrates the technical characteristics and specific aspects of the Project.