GST operates in a broad spectrum of Process Industry sectors, such as the Oil&Gas, Pharmaceuticals and Food industry. Moreover, GST also guarantees extensive expertise in other fields that require specific know how, such as Renewable Energy and the Aerospace sectors. Finally, at GST we are also actively involved in the Environmental Protection sector (including Technological Risk Analysis). GST can provide a wide array of services in each of these Sectors: from Technical Consulting to Design and supervision during Construction and Start-up. Following is an overview of the characteristics of the above Sectors, as well as of our specific knowledge and expertise, with respect to which we have identified three macro-sectors: Oil&Gas, Life Sciences and Special Technologies.


The Oil&Gas sector covers all activities related to both liquid and gas hydrocarbons, ranging from prospecting, drilling, extraction, and refining to distribution. This sector, which is characterized by large industrial complexes, comprising a number of fully integrated production Units, GST can provide a broad spectrum of services relating to all... More »

Life Sciences

The term ”Life Sciences” comprises all the scientific fields involving the study of living organisms (plants, animals, and human beings) and their care. At GST, we use this term to define the industry macro-sector and the related production facilities. The "Life Sciences Industry" (hereinafter abbreviated as "Life Sciences", for simplicity’s... More »

Special Technologies

Special Technologies” groups the GST activities relating to Renewable Energy, Environmental Protection and Aerospace. The word “special” is a reference to state-of-the-art technologies that require, for each Sector, high-intensity skills and capabilities and ongoing training. Renewable Energies and Environmental Protection are grouped separately under the heading “Green Tech”. More »