GST can boast a longstanding and specific experience in both synthesizing active ingredients and finalizing compounds with solvents, inerts and excipients, as well as in product packaging activities. In this sector, where the Customer’s know-how is of essential for laying out the Project Development blueprint, GST can be relied on to support any strategic decision, with respect to the Project’s technical development, Detailed Design, selection of critical equipment and assistance in the Construction and Start-up phases. Our experience in the handling and storage of both raw materials and final products should also be taken into account.

In this Sector, GST always operates as a Customer-Oriented Company, i.e. in close partnership with the Customer, to maximize the synergy between the Customer’s know-how and the engineering experience, knowledge of Vendors and Project Management provided by the Contractor.

Finally, it should be underlined that Quality Assurance, which is particularly significant in the Pharmaceutical Sector, is an inherent component of GST’s operating procedures. At the beginning of every project, in fact, we define a dedicated and detailed Project Implementation and Control Plan, covering both the design and the implementation phases, so as to avoid any major changes further along the line, due to a misunderstanding of the Project’s targets. The development of this implementation plan also facilitates the involvement, right from the start, of the Customer’s Production Department, in respect of the definition of the User Requirements and general Project Specifications.