The core activity of GST is Process Design, which is closely tied to Detailed Design and all the other design disciplines needed to build a plant. Following is a brief description of these disciplines and what GST can do for each of them.

Process Design

A Process, in the world of industry, is a regular sequence of operations for making a product, starting from the suitable raw materials. In the Chemical Industry, where the core business of GST is concentrated, these operations may include: chemical reactions, distillation, absorption, filtration, solvent extraction, heat exchange, etc. Process... More »

Engineering Disciplines

GST can rely on a number of well-qualified specialists in the various Engineering Disciplines (Civil Works, Pressure Vessels, Piping, Machinery, Heaters and Boilers, Electrical, Instrumentation and Automation, Telecommunications). It should be noted that the multidisciplinary nature of all sectors in which GST operates – as well as the ongoing... More »