GST provides a broad spectrum of Services, covering each phase in the implementation of an industrial Plant, targeting both the Construction of New Plants (Grass Root) and the Upgrading of Existing Plants (Revamping).
At GST we have the capability of operating according to the most common Contract arrangements (e.g.: Reimbursable, Lump Sum of Services, etc.), based on Customer needs and Project characteristics. Moreover, in both the Life Science (except for Pharmaceutical plants, which are traditionally developed on a reimbursable basis) and Special Technologies sectors, and small-scale Oil&Gas Plants, GST operates on a Target Price, LSTK or Converted LSTK basis.


Consulting services are the classical services delivered by an Engineering Firm, to support its Customers across all the Phases and Disciplines relating to the development of a Project. Typical examples of Consulting services, which generally comprise locating the possible technical operating problems affecting a Plant and proposing the relevant... More »

Design & Engineering

Design and Engineering activities can be very diverse, depending on the Project type and level of definition, although the final goal is always to enable a site organization to smoothly and safely build, commission and start-up a Plant, besides procuring the necessary equipment and materials. These activities, of course,... More »


GST can provide all-round Procurement services on the basis of the Integrated Management of materials, i.e.: from the Preparation and Issuing of Bid Inquiries to the arrival of the materials at the Site. In particular, the Expediting and Inspection activities are carried out by qualified specialists, as part of... More »

Construction & Pre-Commissioning

Construction is the plant implementation phase, during which all the works and activities planned during the Detailed Design phase are effectively carried out: in this phase, all the major and minor equipment is installed and commissioned to prepare the Plant for Start–up. Before Start-up it is, in fact, necessary... More »

Commissioning & Start-Up

A Start-up is the set of activities that need to be carried out in order to roll out the required product for the first time, from the “oil in” to the plant performance tests. Before actually introducing the feedstock several activities are conducted – commonly known as Commissioning –... More »

Revamping Projects

Revamping is a special type of Project, consisting in the alteration of an operating Plant to improve the output characteristics, comply with new environmental requirements, improve safety conditions or increase Plant capacity, usually by replacing or duplicating a specific item of equipment (debottlenecking). Thanks to our background in both the... More »