Design and Engineering activities can be very diverse, depending on the Project type and level of definition, although the final goal is always to enable a site organization to smoothly and safely build, commission and start-up a Plant, besides procuring the necessary equipment and materials. These activities, of course, can only be effectively carried out by fully-qualified all-round engineering experts.
For the Life Sciences and Special Technologies sectors, as well as for small size Projects in the Oil&Gas sector, at GST we can develop complete Detailed Design packages enabling the Site staff to efficiently carry out all the requisite activities, avoiding delays and potentially costly rectification on site.

Process Design

In the Oil&Gas sector, GST can develop – as part of its core business – complete Process Packages for any type of non-licensed Unit, as well as complete/supplement the Basic Design produced by the Process Licensors. Following are several key examples of typical process design activities carried out by... More »

Detailed Engineering

In the Oil&Gas sector, GST can rely on a number of highly qualified professionals with Detailed Engineering expertise, essentially employed to support and complete its principal core business: Process Design. In the Life Sciences and Special Technologies Tech sectors, and for small-scale Oil&Gas projects as well, GST is capable of... More »