Consulting services are the classical services delivered by an Engineering Firm, to support its Customers across all the Phases and Disciplines relating to the development of a Project. Typical examples of Consulting services, which generally comprise locating the possible technical operating problems affecting a Plant and proposing the relevant solutions (troubleshooting), are the identification and removal of Plant bottlenecks (debottlenecking), Technical Feasibility Studies, etc. In order to be effective, Consulting services must be accurate and based on specific expertise and skills, as well as timely and tailored to the Customer’s needs. GST’s streamlined and flexible is particularly suited to delivering these services, for both process design activities in the Oil&Gas sector and all Project phases and disciplines in the Life Sciences and Special Technologies sectors. Technological Risk Analysis are also part of the consulting services: GST can conduct these analyses for all the sectors in which it operates, based on the most appropriate assessment procedure for the specific process and the relevant implementation phase [e.g.: PHA during the Feasibility Studies, HAZOP and SIL (Safety Integrity Level) during the design phase, etc.].

Conceptual Design

Conceptual Design is the phase for identifying a possible business opportunity. In the Process Plant Industry, it mainly includes defining the Project Characteristics, Site and Licensors, as well as selecting the viable alternatives. Due to our background in the Life Sciences sector, at GST we have the suitable resources and... More »

Feasibility Study

Feasibility Studies are decision-making tools for establishing whether and how to proceed with an investment. Conceptual Design deliverables should be available at this point and the key technical and commercial aspects of the Project need to have been defined, while alternative options should be minimized. The Feasibility Study includes a... More »

Technical Consulting

During the implementation of a Project, the Customer may require specialized skills and know how, to solve certain issues in various fields related to process design (e.g.: technology selection, risk analysis, materials selection, etc.). At GST we have the suitable resources and expertise that enable us to provide prompt solutions... More »

Project Management Consulting

Project Management Consulting comprises the services provided by Consultants, throughout a Plant’s investment life cycle, and aimed at assisting Customers, with respect to effective Project Control, in maximizing plant productivity and business profitability. GST operates as a Project Management Consultant to identify and meet a Customer’s business needs, by cooperating... More »