A Start-up is the set of activities that need to be carried out in order to roll out the required product for the first time, from the “oil in” to the plant performance tests. Before actually introducing the feedstock several activities are conducted – commonly known as Commissioning – which include tests on the equipment with service fluids, feeding the catalysts and chemicals and purging with inert gas.
The actual Start-up is then kickstarted, by introducing the feedstock and progressively achieving operating conditions, product specifications and Plant Capacity and Alignment: Performance Tests are then carried out.
At GST we can provide Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning and Start-up support services for preparing test-run procedures, the validation of the test run reports, troubleshooting and instrument data reconciliation.
In the case of Small-scale Plants, in all the three sectors – Life Sciences, Special Technologies and Oil&Gas – we can deliver all-round management services, from Pre-Commissioning to Start-up and Commissioning.