In the Oil&Gas sector, GST can develop – as part of its core business – complete Process Packages for any type of non-licensed Unit, as well as complete/supplement the Basic Design produced by the Process Licensors. Following are several key examples of typical process design activities carried out by GST on a regular basis:
– development of process flow sheets, heat and material balances and P&ID’s;
– process design of equipment such as, heaters, reactors, columns, vessels, heat exchangers (thermal rating), filters, pumps, compressors, safety valves, etc., and the relevant accessories (trays, distribution devices, mechanical seals selection, etc.);
– selection of materials and development of materials selection diagrams;
– conversion from process to design conditions;
– technological risk analysis (Preliminary Hazard Analysis, HAZOP, etc.);
– analysis of emergency conditions and identification of the controlling case (general power failure, fire, etc.) and relevant sizing of blow-down and flare systems;
– analysis of corrosion problems (H2 induced cracking, sulphide stress cracking, etc.);
– development of the electrical load summary, etc.

In the Life Sciences and Special Technologies sectors too GST can develop an all-round Process Design Package, based on the specific and different know-hows that are distinctive of this type of Plant.