At GST we apply consistent and structured Project Management procedures to achieve our Customers’ goals, throughout the Project life cycle, and manage our production structure according to sound Project Management principles, based on Project Planning, Cost Control, Quality, as well as of Team Building and personnel Training, in a manner best suited to the specific Project needs.
Regardless of the complexity, size or uniqueness of requirements, we adopt well-established procedures, applied by knowledgeable and organized personnel. This approach ensures measurable results in terms of Time, Specifications, Budget and Quality, with considerably reduced Risk levels.

Project Schedule

In all three sectors of its core business: Oil&Gas, Life Sciences and Special Technologies, GST develops both general and detailed Project Schedules, on the basis of Project Milestones, and the sequence and length of activities, and monitors Project progress and development by means of a dedicated software based on... More »

Estimate and Cost Control

With regard to small-to-medium scale Plants, in all three sectors in which we operate, namely Oil&Gas, Life Sciences and Special Technologies, GST can provide both Preliminary Estimates (± 30%) – which are particularly useful when developing Feasibility Studies, as a basis for deciding if and how to proceed with... More »

Risk Management

Risk Management serves to identify and analyze any type of risk that can affect the implementation of a Project (economic, political, technological, market turmoil, environmental, etc.) risk and comprises two key interrelated activities: Risk Identification and Evaluation, and Risk Mitigation and Control. Based on our specific expertise, we can provide... More »

Quality Management

Process Design is a discipline that inherently involves an ongoing Quality Management approach, to achieve the quality required by Customers. In the Oil&Gas sector, where GST mainly provides process design services, our working method – regardless of the complexity, size or type of the Project – is based on... More »