The term ”Life Sciences” comprises all the scientific fields involving the study of living organisms (plants, animals, and human beings) and their care. At GST, we use this term to define the industry macro-sector and the related production facilities.
The “Life Sciences Industry” (hereinafter abbreviated as “Life Sciences“, for simplicity’s sake, omitting the word “Industry“, which refers to the scientific research activities as related industrial applications), therefore, covers a broad spectrum of activities, ranging from Pharmaceuticals to the Food Industry, Healthcare&Hospitals, etc. The Sector, therefore, involves a wide array of different facilities, also with regard to their size, but all of which require specific and sophisticated know-how, the implementation of which is still based on the conventional sequence of: Feasibility StudyBasic DesignDetail EngineeringProcurement of equipment and materials and, finally – Plant Construction and Start-up. However, any Project in this Sector is characterized by the need to ensure close coordination between Customer and Contractor, in order to achieve the requisite quality and ensure compliance with the timeframes and cost targets of the Project itself.
Following are several special aspects, and the relevant GST skills, with respect to each type of sector.


GST can boast a longstanding and specific experience in both synthesizing active ingredients and finalizing compounds with solvents, inerts and excipients, as well as in product packaging activities. In this sector, where the Customer’s know-how is of essential for laying out the Project Development blueprint, GST can be relied... More »


In this Sector, which is characterized by stringent and severe design and implementation requirements, GST’s experience can be of great help to the Customer, in respect of the study of the environmental condition control systems, the layout of the wards, treatment facilities, operating theatres and test laboratories, by means... More »

Food Industry

At GST we can provide a wide range of services to the Food Industry sector, ranging from Basic Design to Construction and Start-up, for each production cycle phase, from the agricultural product to the packaging of the finished product. Of great significance is GST’s special experience in the production... More »