The term “Green Technology” (Green Tech) may be applied to all the disciplines aimed at monitoring and mitigating the impact of human beings on the environment. Renewable Energies and Environmental Protection have a privileged position, with a view to achieving “Sustainable Development”.

Renewable Energy

GST also operates in the Renewable Energy sector, which is set to develop considerably in the short term, with specific expertise in the production of alcohol fuel, the use of biomass energy and the production of “solar gradepolycrystalline silicon, thanks to which we can support Customers with regard... More »

Environmental Protection

Thanks to its Process experience, GST has the capability to carry out projects for Preventing and Treating gas, liquid and solid Effluents, in accordance with the Italian Legislative Decree No. 152/2006, the European IPCC Directive and the international EPA, OSHA, etc. standards, based on an assessment of the current... More »