In the Oil&Gas sector, GST can rely on a number of highly qualified professionals with Detailed Engineering expertise, essentially employed to support and complete its principal core business: Process Design.
In the Life Sciences and Special Technologies Tech sectors, and for small-scale Oil&Gas projects as well, GST is capable of preparing all the requisite Engineering documents, based on the Customer’s – or its own – General Design Specifications, tailored to the Project characteristics, if necessary, developing a complete range of Deliverables – any type of document in each single Engineering Discipline – (also including, where required, mechanical catalogues and operating manuals), in view of ensuring the efficient and safe Construction and Start-up of the Plant. We need to highlight, in this respect, that our execution planning activities are always developed based on the “Intrinsic Safe Design” approach, which involves strict compliance with the European (e.g.: ATEX, PED, EN 61511) and international standards, or, whenever the available standards are not up to date and in step with the most state-of-the-art technologies, as in the fastest-growing sectors, with the best engineering practices.

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