GST’s organization and production strategy is founded on two pillars: a technological pillar, comprising the “Process Line”, and a management pillar, comprising Project Management“.

Technological Process Line

The GST approach to Process Design is based on our experience and mastery with the Technological Process Line in question. Specific knowledge of the process, combined with the relevant characteristics, technical scenario and market conditions, are a prerequisite for supporting the proper development of the Process Design, in order... More »

Project Organization

GST is a Customer-Oriented Company based on an in-depth knowledge of the industry in which it operates. In the Oil&Gas Sector, our Process Design approach is based on our experience and mastery of the Technology Line involved, while the Project Organization is based on the Task-Force Model. In the... More »

Project Management

At GST we apply consistent and structured Project Management procedures to achieve our Customers’ goals, throughout the Project life cycle, and manage our production structure according to sound Project Management principles, based on Project Planning, Cost Control, Quality, as well as of Team Building and personnel Training, in a... More »