The creation of a partner network, in the difficult conditions in which engineering Companies are currently forced to operate, is sometimes a prerequisite for creating a synergy between complementary functions, as well as an opportunity to offer Clients integrated solutions, in line with the “state of the art” technology for each discipline.

GST, thanks to its all-round and consolidated Process Design experience, operates in many Sectors of the Process Industry, but it sometimes needs cooperation in adjacent business areas. These areas may involve activities at infrastructures or offsite facilities, or entail specialized supplies, as in the case of Package Units, or simply require a significant effort in detailed engineering activities.

However, GST does not consider its partnerships only as “give and take” relationships, or simply as a means for sharing risks and profits, but as a mutual incentive for success and an opportunity for Clients to draw maximum benefit from the specialist knowledge of two or more Companies.

On the other hand, GST is aware that partnerships may produce excellent results, provided however

that the partners have a common vision and shared values, trust each other, make an effort to ensure that information flows quickly and freely, and always operate in the interest of the Project and their mutual success.