In any project involving the presence of two or more partners, GST operates as a Leader and as Coordination Contractor: a project coordination procedure is prepared to determine every aspect of the cooperation and to detail the split-up of the scope of works between each partner.

The coordination process serves the purpose, inter alia, of clarifying how the team building will be developed, and how it will create a common culture, aimed at determining a set of project implementation principles and a common strategy shared by all the participants.

The collaboration between partners is always created and managed by people: Project Managers and Project Coordinators will be expected to possess special skills for creating positive relationships, based on behaviour rather than words, fostering new ideas, solving conflicts and drawing maximum benefit from the different basic preparations and experiences.

As a rule, splitting up the scope of work should be done, as far as possible, according to a vertical approach: that is, each partner is responsible for all the activities in its Unit or its systems, often on a geographical basis. This approach is obviously aimed at, (i) obtaining the maximum benefit from the specific ability of each Partner in its Sector, and (ii) minimizing interface problems. However, a different philosophy can be followed in the case one of the partners is responsible for the complete execution of an entire phase of the Project, which can occur in the case of construction activities, or in the development of a specific system, such as an Advanced Control System, etc.