Any one Project can feature a number of “crash activities”, i.e. urgent activities that need to be carried out in the first month or, sometimes, in the first 100 days of operation, in order not to impair the general Project schedule or, generally speaking, the Project performance. This issue is particularly important in the case of projects carried out jointly by more than one Contractor. Following is a brief summary of these activities (to be clearly completed with specific Project Requirements, such as the procurement of long-delivery items, etc.):

– the definition of a strategic framework, including the common vision of the Partners in relation to the Project;

– the joint development and issue, for the Client’s information and approval, of a Project Execution Plan featuring a description of the Project and defining the Project targets, Project leadership, splitting up of the Scope of Work between the partners, an overall Project Schedule, with reference to partner involvement, the sites where the different tasks shall be carried out and the project completion conditions and procedure, etc.;

– the development of a Project Organization structure, in line with the partnership philosophy and agreements;

– the quick implementation of critical design or procurement activities, which may have an impact on the overall Project Schedule;

– the preparation of detailed Project Execution procedures, such as Quality Plan, Progress Evaluation procedure, Cost Control procedure, Reporting procedure, as well as a Project Risk Management procedure covering both the technological and financial risks.