From a technical point of view, GST shall be responsible for preparing, and presenting to the Client for approval, the General Design and Supply Specifications and Engineering Standards applicable to the Project. On the other hand, each partner may be asked to develop the design specifications regarding the prevalent discipline in its scope of work, provided that the relevant provisions are not in conflict with the general project Design Specs or the Contract.

The General Design Specifications set out the quality standards and design criteria to be adopted for any discipline during the development of detail engineering activities.

The General Supply Specifications define the quality standards and manufacturing criteria to be followed by the Vendors, with regard to the equipment and materials.

The Engineering and Execution Standards are a set of drawings meant to provide a technical answer to any problems and situations occurring frequently in a plant, with the aim of supplying uniform and time-saving troubleshooting solutions.

All the above specifications, which are an important tool in any Project, take on a special function in projects developed on a partnership basis, to provide a common design philosophy for all the Project Units or Systems, regardless of the specialist belonging to one or another Partner.

Furthermore, the availability, since the very beginning of the Project design phase, of general design and supply specifications and engineering standards can speed up the engineering activities.